Equity Transactions

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Your Equity Transactions

Recording the personal money contributed and profits taken out of your business

Be ready for taxes by having a record of the personal money you’ve contributed to your business, as well as the owner distributions you’ve taken from your business profits during the tax year.

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Expert Bookkeeping Help

Take a look at our resources and learn more about tracking equity transactions

How to File Your 1099-NEC/MISC for 2023

The deadline to E-file your 2023 Annual 1099-NEC tax forms is 1/28/24. It is important that you 1) clear your uncategorized expenses and 2) collect W-9 forms[...]

Let us help you with Owner Salary Recording.

Let us reconcile your balance sheet accounts, including your equity accounts.

We can manage your bank feed categorizations, support your in-house bookkeeper, and more.

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No Worries, We’ll track everything

  • On-Demand Bookkeeping Support

  • Customized Chart of Accounts

  • Bank Feed Categorization

  • Account Reconciliations

  • Financial Reports

  • Owner Salary Recording

  • Bookkeeper Backup Accounting Support

  • Good Bookkeeping Audit and Clean Up

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