Cost of Sales

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Counting expenses

Cost of Sales

Tracking the products and services you purchase to run your business

We can help you figure out how to track your Cost of Goods or Services Sold. This involves helping you track expenses such as Labor, Material, or Other Cost of Goods or Services type expenses.

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Expert Bookkeeping Resources

Take a look at our resources and learn more about understanding your cost of sales

How to File Your 1099-NEC/MISC for 2023

The deadline to E-file your 2023 Annual 1099-NEC tax forms is 1/28/24. It is important that you 1) clear your uncategorized expenses and 2) collect W-9 forms[...]

Let us help you set up a customized chart of accounts.

Let us categorize the items coming into your QuickBooks Online Bank Feed.

We can help you with purchase order entry, full service payroll, and a lot more.

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We’ve got You Covered

  • On-Demand Bookkeeping Support

  • Setup of Products and Services

  • Customized Chart of Accounts

  • Customer Project Setup

  • Class and Location Setup

  • Bank Feed Categorization

  • Purchase Order Entry

  • Accounts Payable and Expense Entry

  • Full-Service Payroll

  • Third-Party Payroll Journal Entry

  • Accounts Payable Clean Up

  • Bookkeeper Backup Accounting Support

  • Good Bookkeeping Audit and Clean Up

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