Our firm offers monthly State B&O Sales Tax Return Services across states. For clients that use the cash accounting method for their QuickBooks Online account, the Manual Sales Tax Center is used. With the manual sales tax center, you will setup your individual Tax Agencies and Tax Rates to apply to your customer sales forms. These agencies and rates must be setup before we can deliver this service. It is important to keep these rates current, as they are subject to change on a quarterly basis. It is equally important to understand if the products and services that you sell to your customers are taxable. Each state has its own rules on what products and services are taxable. There have been recent changes to the nexus rules for selling across states as well. It is important to stay informed of whether you have created a nexus and a sales tax liability when selling products and services in other states. Clients that use the accrual accounting method for their QBO account can use the new Automated Sales Tax Center. When you create your customer invoices or sales receipts and use the Automated Sales Tax Center in QBO, your accountant can rely upon your tax liability reports in QBO to prepare your State B&O Sales Tax Returns. If your customer sales are recorded outside of QBO, your accountant will collect this data to prepare entries into your QBO account and calculate your State B&O Sales Taxes. We offer a monthly service to record third-party e-commerce sales. These five states don’t have sales tax:

  • Alaska

  • Delaware

  • Montana

  • New Hampshire

  • Oregon

Your Accountant Needs Authorization and Tax Account Access

For this service, you will need to sign a tax authorization form and provide your accountant with access to your online tax account. Your accountant will send you a notification requesting the authorization form and account access that will show up on your client dashboard. Your accountant will upload the authorization form into the From My Accountant folder located within your document upload portal. You may also receive an invitation to connect your e-commerce store to our external tax calculation tool. If your e-commerce store does not connect with this tool, you can provide your Accountant with an Excel report that includes your sales and tax data. The Excel report can be uploaded into a folder within your document upload portal. This step is not necessary if the sales and tax data is already in QBO.

Your Accountant Calculates, Files and Submits Tax Payments

Whether you have an e-commerce store that is connected to our sales tax tool, provide an Excel report to your accountant with your monthly sales and tax data, or this data is already in your QBO account, your accountant will calculate, prepare, file and submit an online payment for your State B&O Sales Tax Returns if you have entered a payment method within your State tax accounts for this purpose. Your accountant will send monthly notifications requesting sales tax information that will show up on your client dashboard. You can upload information into a folder within your secure document upload portal or email it directly to your accountant. Lend A Hand Accounting charges a monthly subscription fee for this service even if your States have set your filing frequency to quarterly or annually. Your accountant will do the work to calculate and record your sales tax liabilities on a monthly recurring basis with this service offering. This monthly service will help you manage your budget and cash flow in preparation for your upcoming tax liability payments.

Your Accountant Keeps Track of Changes to Your State Tax Rules

As a part of our State B&O Sales Tax Return Service, your accountant will keep track of any changes to your states tax filing requirements, as well as determine when there is a nexus. The state tax laws are rapidly changing now that we have a service driven economy. More and more states are beginning to charge sales tax on services. We will also support you through the state tax audit process if your state decides to audit your state tax filings for any reason. Your accountant will upload copies of your State Tax Returns with supporting documentation into the From My Accountant folder each month.

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