It’s our job to make your job easier. Introducing the Expense Categorizer a simple way to help us categorize your expenses.

We understand your business and learn more everyday, but sometimes we need some help. Our new transaction categorization tool is the perfect solution to the problem.

How it Works

We notify you when we need info

Every week we automatically check to see whether there are expenses we need help with. If we find any, we’ll send you a quick notification.

You provide the info

Next, you go your client dashboard and use our tool to quickly and easily provide feedback on each transaction in question. When you’re done, just click the Notify Accountant button.

We clear the transactions

Once we get the answers we need, we’ll go ahead and clear the transactions in question. In many cases, we’ll ad rules to ensure we know how to categorize similar transactions in the future.

We keep making your accounting and bookkeeping easier

  • Easy to use

  • Super fast and efficient

  • Automatically syncs transactions from QuickBooks Online

  • Helps keep books clean and tax-ready

  • Helps keep bookkeeping costs low

  • Helps promote accurate financial data

Lend A Hand Accounting Transaction Categorization Tool


As you know, we like to use technology to save our clients money. We built the expense categorization tool to seamlessly connect to your existing QuickBooks Online account. You do not need to do anything extra. We will automatically check your expense transactions and let you know if we have questions on certain items.

We automatically check your books one time per week. If we find discrepancies, we’ll send you a quick notification. If we do not find anything, we will not send you a notification.

For each transaction, you can select either business or personal for the expense categorization. For business transactions, you can choose a specific category that best matches the transaction.

If you have any questions or need any help, just call, text, or email. We’ll be happy to assist!