There are many benefits to partnering with a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. The number one way of getting fast and reliable QuickBooks Online help and support today is to partner with Lend A Hand Accounting. I will then become your dedicated Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. I can help you solve both simple and complex problems that occur in your QuickBooks Online account. I will be available to you from 7 am – 7 pm (PST) Monday through Friday, and between 10 am – 2 pm (PST) on Saturdays and Sundays. As an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, I receive priority phone and chat support with the QuickBooks Diamond Support Team. When you are on your own, you can spend a lot of time trying to go directly to QuickBooks for help and support. When you choose to partner with Lend A Hand Accounting, you can count on fast answers and save yourself tons of time and frustration. I’m here to lend you a helping hand and will happily share my knowledge with you as my valued client.

Benefits of Finding an Accounting Firm that Offers Affordable ProAdvisor Bookkeeping Support Services

Our firm offers “On-Demand Bookkeeping Support Services” for a flat fee of only $100 per month. This service is designed specifically for small business owner’s that need help to perform specific bookkeeping tasks in their QuickBooks Online accounts. It is a monthly service that can be added to any other monthly or one-time service offering. You will receive up to 2 hours of dedicated bookkeeping support from an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

Benefits of Searching for ProAdvisor Answers and Advice on the US QuickBooks Community Forum

Another way to find help and support for QuickBooks Online is to post a question within the US QuickBooks Community Forum here: . Note that this is an International forum, so you will initially need to select your Region, then your product, such as QuickBooks Online Plus, then create your account to start a discussion on the forum. Questions are often answered the same day they are asked and include additional insights.

Many QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor’s actively participate in this community forum. And many QuickBooks Team members actively participate in the forums, which provides the community with a wealth of information and support. The QuickBooks Team members can advise when there are known issues that are being researched by the development team. I have seen QuickBooks Team members add valuable content to ProAdvisor’s advice on this forum.

Benefits of Taking Time to Watch the Available QuickBooks Online Webinars and Video Tutorials

There are some excellent free QuickBooks Online tutorials that you can watch here: . These tutorials cover QuickBooks Online help topics such as third-party applications, QuickBooks navigation and company settings, adding users, basic accounting, banking, invoicing, sales, taxes, expenses, inventory, and bills. QuickBooks offers weekly webinars here: These webinars are designed to help small businesses master the basics of QuickBooks Online. I highly recommend watching these videos if time permits.

Tips and Examples of How to Ask Questions for Help and Support with QuickBooks Online


  1. Include screenshots when posting questions in the QuickBooks Forums
  2. Be sure to mention what QuickBooks Online subscription you have
  3. Be specific about what you have already entered in QuickBooks Online
  4. Be specific about what you have not entered in QuickBooks Online
  5. Ask questions by QuickBooks Online dashboard menu items as follows:
    1. Banking
    2. Sales
    3. Expenses
    4. Projects
    5. Workers
    6. Reports
    7. Taxes
    8. Accounting
    9. Payroll
  6. Include information about your business if you are asking accounting questions
  7. Always consult with your personal accountant about complex accounting and taxes

Information on How to Get QuickBooks Phone Support for QuickBooks Online in the US

You can also contact Intuit Phone Support at 1-800-446-8848. However, the prefer that you use this link: Get Help with QuickBooks . And for help with QuickBooks in the United States, they prefer that you use this link: . If you use this second link, be sure to answer the questions and select the topic related to your concern. Under the second section, you can click on the “Get Phone Number” button.

Regina Pitts
Regina PittsPrincipal Accountant & Bookkeeper
Member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Accounting and Bookkeeping Support by a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Member

I founded Lend A Hand Accounting because I believe accounting and bookkeeping services should be affordable, efficient, and flexible. We use flat fee pricing, which makes our accounting services a comfortable fit for any budget. At Lend A Hand Accounting, we’ve found a formula that really works! You select the accounting services you need, and control when you want to start or stop services. It is all in your hands! We’ve cut out the need for endless phone calls and long trips to the accountant’s office.

Feel free to call or text me now at 360-637-4799. We can also get started right away. Go ahead and create a free account and we can automatically look at your books and let you know where you stand.

We really appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Thanks again!


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