We are committed to making sure that you select the right monthly and one-time services with Lend A Hand Accounting. We created the Good Bookkeeping Score™ tool within our accounting service delivery platform to help you make the right service selections . All new Lend A Hand Accounting clients will go through our Good Books Quick Start™ process. One of the first steps in this process is to connect your QuickBooks Online account to the Lend A Hand Accounting platform to obtain your initial Good Bookkeeping Score™ and receive a list of suggested services. This tool helps your accountant understand the immediate accounting and bookkeeping needs of your business from day one. We believe that we can offer you a valuable and strategic partnership. The founders of our firm believe in work-home-lifebalance and desire to become a part of the equation to make it a reality for you as our valued client.

We Offer Affordable Fixed-Fee Monthly and One-time Services

We offer affordable fixed-fee pricing for our monthly and one-time services. Our custom designed service delivery platform was created specifically to streamline the back-and-forth communications between our clients and their dedicated Advanced Certified QuickBook Online ProAdvisor. This platform makes it possible for us to offer our clients the lowest price for the highest value QuickBooks Online bookkeeping and accounting services. Our firm serves small to mid-sized businesses. Our firm is located in the Pacific Northwest and serves QuickBooks Online clients Nationwide. We are unique in that we tell you exactly what to expect with our service offerings. We offer clearly defined services with clearly defined expectations with zero ambiguity.

You Will Never Feel Stuck with Your Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Lend A Hand Accounting has designed a custom service delivery platform to make it easy for you to select the monthly and one-time bookkeeping and accounting services that you need. You will never feel stuck with your monthly bookkeeping services. We allow you to change your monthly services at any time directly within your dedicated client dashboard. We automatically calculate a pro-rated credit for the remaining days left in the month of service. Other firms charge their clients for a full year of services up front and may refuse to credit some prepaid service charges. They may not think from the customer backwards the way we do. From our perspective, we need to earn your business and work hard to keep it. If you’re not happy; we’re not happy; period.

We Are Here to Help You Choose the Right Bookkeeping Services

It can be challenging for business owners to make the decision to hire an accountant to help them manage their books. Many small businesses have a limited budget to work with each month. We tailor your monthly bookkeeping services with your time and budget in mind. We also offer an affordable monthly On-Demand Bookkeeping Support Service. We highly recommend this service to all business owners who use QuickBooks Online. Our helpful accountants talk to you about your unique business needs during your free consultation and will be prepared to answer your service questions.

We Are Here to Help You Choose the Right One-Time Services

Our list of one-time services is not long, but it was well thought out. One of our most valuable one-time services is our value-priced Good Bookkeeping Audit & Clean-Up™Service. This service is recommended to business owners that receive a Good Bookkeeping Score™ of less than 60%. A low score is a clear indication that corrections need to be made to your accounting records right away. Not having clean and accurate books at year-end can result in tax preparation errors and tax audits that cost you time and money. We perform a deep-dive audit and clean-up for up to 12-months with this service offering.

Regina Pitts
Regina PittsPrincipal Accountant & Bookkeeper
Member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program

Accounting and Bookkeeping Support by a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program Member

I founded Lend A Hand Accounting because I believe accounting and bookkeeping services should be affordable, efficient, and flexible. We use flat fee pricing, which makes our accounting services a comfortable fit for any budget. At Lend A Hand Accounting, we’ve found a formula that really works! You select the accounting services you need, and control when you want to start or stop services. It is all in your hands! We’ve cut out the need for endless phone calls and long trips to the accountant’s office.

Feel free to call or text me now at 360-637-4799. We can also get started right away. Go ahead and create a free account and we can automatically look at your books and let you know where you stand.

We really appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs. Thanks again!


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