If you have selected A/P and Expense Entry Services, your accountant may need to add new vendor expenses in QuickBooks Online. Your accountant may not have enough information to create vendor expenses from bank feed transactions. Copies of purchase receipts should be uploaded into a folder within your secure document upload portal. Your accountant will send you a notification requesting expense information that will show up on your client dashboard. You will enter expense details into a form directly within the request. Note that expenses are direct bank and credit card charges and not bills.

Some Entry Fields are Required, While Others are Optional

Your accountant will add vendor expenses with the information provided. In order to create vendor expenses, you should complete all required fields. These entries may be for business operating expenses, or they may be for the purchase of products and services. If the expenses are for product and service items, enter N/A in the required expense fields and complete the optional Products and Service Items fields within the form.

  • Account (Bank or Credit Card Account)

  • Payee (Vendor, Employee and sometimes a Customer)

  • Payment Date

  • Payment Method (Debit, Visa, M/C, Amex, Cash, Check, ACH)

  • Expense Account (or Product/Service Item)

  • Expense Description (or Product/Service Description)

  • Expense Line Amount (or Product/Service Line Item Amount)